Elena Calissi is born and raised in Florence. After graduating at the University of Political Science, she started her career as meeting and event planner. She became more and more involved in tourism arranging tours in Italy for an exclusive American clientele. In 2012 she earned the legal certification as a tour guide in her home town, Florence. This important achievement completes her 360 degrees training in Italian Incoming tourism.

Elena's amazing organizational skills, knowledge, and contacts developed after years of experience in high quality Italy tours join her guiding experience in her hometown giving her the necessary tools to face and know in advance travellers' wishes priorities and needs while in Italy.

This makes her the perfect local contact for anyone who want to visit Italy with a real local perspective.



Italian Vista's team of hand picked guides also makes the difference! This is composed by professional, licensed, expert local guides, all of them are carefully selected, proud of the place they live in and passionate about their job. They are flexible, smart and personal and have a great attitude to work with people. Most of them have an art history degree, or an artistic or historic background.

Their English is excellent and fluent not only because of their studies, but also because they are used to work mainly with English speaking travellers. Most of them are Elena's good friends, for this reason she can trust them blindly and are simply an extension of her company in the cities you will visit while travelling in Italy.




Barbara is a real Roman, for birth and for passion, she likes to define herself an “enthusiast citizen of the world”.

She is an Art History major and she has been leading tours for diffrent cultural associations in Rome. Barbara has the licence to teach in the Italian Schools but she preferred to become a guide in her ethernal city in 1999.
During the past 10 years she specialized in working with families and individuals. She likes telling stories of Rome and its characters and artists but also let the visitors experience it with her.

She loves the historical galleries as well as the classic itineraries, she loves biking, food tours and she adores curios travellers, especially children! When she doen't work she loves walking in nature and ceramic.


Fabrizio is our point of reference for excursions in Naples and Amalfi coast . Fabrizio started guiding in Pompei at the age of 17 for fun, as a student part time job.
He achieved a Master-Degree in Art History with a Specialisation about preservation of Historical Sites, and a training-course to lead hikes through natural paths.
Today being a tour guide is a full time job which he is proud of and the Amalfi coast has no secrets for him and his van.

He experienced being a tour manager throughout European countries and on the Caribbean sea, but his main interest is to show his home country, trying to lend his “insight” of Italy to his guests.

“There are hundreds of reasons we’re travelling for, my aim is to try to understand my travellers and tune on what they’re looking for."


Riccardo is our point of reference when it's a bout food, wine and... cars. He was born in Italy from an American mother and Italian father. He spent his childhood in the States.

Riccardo is a Political Science Major, a certified sommelier and a certified guide of Florence. He likes to drive all around Tuscany with our clients and knows every single winery or wine label in our region.

His excellent and fluent English with his pleasant and charming attitude towards his guests makes him the perfect contact to arrange transfers and daytrips all over Italy and a pleasant person to spend the day with.


Rossana is our precious contact and wonderful guide in Venice. She feels privileged to have the chance of being constantly plunged into beauty while working and at the same time her job is for her like meeting friends and rediscovering her own city every time, through their eyes and their questions.
She never forget that her guests are on vacation so she can't really give the best of her without having fun!!!

Rossana is an Art History Major and during her studies at the prestigious Ca' Foscari University of Venice she had many different working experiences in luxury hotels and travel agencies.
She speaks fluently English and French and besides being a certified tourist guide in Venice she also own a fitness instructor certificate in aerobics and funky! In her free time she loves dance and... she is very busy with her twins!



IVT provides trouble-free tours which spread out from the classical sites to the most hidden local gem, having in mind just one goal: bringing authentic Italy to life. All our efforts aim to offer enjoyable, memorable and unique experiences during your once in a lifetime Italy's vacation.

IVT also offers a personal consultancy arranging customized tours and tailor made Italy's vacation. In our section Custom you can ask advices and suggestions and Elena will help you to find the best solution for your ideal vacation in Italy. Besides tours, we can provide accomodation as well as transportation or hot air balloning if this is want you want!