Florence private cooking class

Back to our nonna’s kitchen


This class aims to bring you with us on this magical journey back to our nonna’s kitchen. Together we will make simple, hearty dishes that you can later make at home yourself and teach to the next generation.

Of course, we will use the purest ingredients possible. Together we’ll pick fresh vegetables from the estate’s gardens, then head to the local dairy farm for our milk and cheese, where we’ll thank the animals for their contribution to our meal. During this time, we will also have the opportunity to introduce you to the fundamentals of Tuscan cuisine and the regional specialties from pappa al pomodoro to pici.

Once we return to the castle’s kitchen, aprons on! We’ll learn to make 4 distinct dishes together: an appetizer, a first course, a second course & a dessert, all based in traditional Tuscan cuisine. After you prepare your culinary creations, relax and enjoy your hard work accompanied by an aperitivo, a Brunello wine tasting, and a special dessert.

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