Private Florence Artisans and Shopping tour

Discover the heart of Renaissance art and craftsmanship


Discover the heart of Renaissance art and craftsmanship on an immersive three-hour artisan's tour of Florence.

This carefully curated journey will take you through the winding streets of this historical Italian city, offering an in-depth look at the artisans and their unique trades that continue to shape Florence's artistic legacy.

Leather Workshop
Your tour begins at a traditional Florentine leather workshop, where skilled craftsmen have been perfecting their art for generations. Here, you'll witness the creation of exquisite leather goods, from handbags to wallets and belts. You'll have the opportunity to observe the intricate process of cutting, stitching, and embossing, as well as an explanation of the history of leather craftsmanship in Florence.

Goldsmith's Atelier
Continue your journey through the cobblestone streets, arriving at a family-owned goldsmith's atelier. Inside, you'll find jewelers crafting delicate and ornate pieces of gold and silver. They will demonstrate the art of filigree work, share insights into the Florentine jewelry tradition, and explain the significance of goldsmithing in Italian culture.

Artisanal Gelato Tasting (from April through October)
As you wander through the streets of Florence, you'll make a stop at a renowned artisanal gelato shop. Savor a scoop of rich, creamy gelato, prepared with locally sourced ingredients, and experience the city's culinary excellence.

Paper Marbling Workshop
Your next destination is a charming paper marbling workshop, where intricate patterns are created on paper using a centuries-old technique. Watch as the artisan masterfully combines vibrant colors to produce beautifully marbled sheets of paper. You'll also have the chance to try your hand at marbling under the guidance of an expert.

Florentine Mosaic Art
Conclude your artisan's tour with a visit to a mosaic studio, where you'll witness the meticulous process of creating intricate mosaic art. Learn about the historical importance of mosaic in Florence's architecture and discover how it continues to influence contemporary design.

This three-hour artisan's tour of Florence offers a glimpse into the city's rich cultural heritage and the enduring legacy of craftsmanship. Immerse yourself in the world of artisans and discover the passion and dedication that goes into creating timeless works of art in this historic Italian city.

Included: Licensed guide , artisans demonstrations.

Excluded: Transportation, gratuities, drinks meals.

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