Capri island private boat tour

Enjoy the tranquility of Capri

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Enjoy the sea-scented fresh air, peace and tranquility of Capri. This marvelous tour takes you to all the grottoes and famous sights around our island, including the Blue Grotto.

During a complete tour around Capri Island we will show you all the beauty the coast has to offer:

  • Green Cave
  • The Faraglioni Rocks
  • The White Cave
  • Marina Piccola
  • Cala Del Rio
  • The Lighthouse
  • Punta Carena
  • The Blue Grotto (entrance ticket 14€ per person)
  • The Urchin Rock
  • The Saints Cave
  • The Coral Cave
  • The Turtle Rock
  • Monacone
  • The Sailors Cave
  • The Red Grotto
  • Tiberious Leap
  • The Emerald rock
  • The Natural Arch
  • Villa Malaparte

Soak up the local legends, famous houses, and mythology of this magical island.

We will visit the Blue grotto with an entrance fee of 14€ per person which can only be paid in cash. The entrance ticket to the Blue grotto is not included in the tour price. Access to the grotto depends on the tide and general sea conditions. Confirmation of its opening is obtained each morning.

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